Living Farms is a non-governmental, not-for-profit registered organization based in Odisha, India. The organisation engages with local communities in rural Odisha to cultivate critical consciousness; and develop the ability to objectively analyze the root causes of the current crisis.

We do not limit our efforts to address immediate problems, but have been partnering with local communities to respond to the challenges and help create linkages and solidarities between different local grassroots initiatives, academia, researchers, media, and the government, by fostering innovative dialogues in meaningful ways, valuing local and traditional knowledge’s and stimulate ethical action for our collective wellbeing, and address ecological crisis.


Through conversations with the knowledge and wisdom holders of the community, we have responded to the problems they have identified and have facilitated exchange of solutions they have evolved. The Kondhs are a sophisticated people, whose worldview, culture and agro-forestry practises have helped conserve a large portion of the thick dense vegetation of Odisha. Their knowledge of the native biodiversity has been scientific and orally passed down through generations. To help preserve this vernacular, Living Farms has been engaged in the effort to:

  • Address the impending crisis;
  • Negotiate the impending cultural challenge,
  • Revive the philosophy underlying their agriculture and architecture
  • Grounding ecological consciousness
  • Deepening their communitarian ethos,
  • Reviving their health and healing traditions,
  • Building bonds of respectful symbiotic relationship with their ecology and economy,
  • Determining how they chose to pursue relationships with external actors, including the government and multiple ‘interest groups’ who can support or undermine their efforts.